Tips for Emerging Artists who want to Perform at Flytime Fest

Flytime Fest – hosted by Flytime Promotions – is a prominent festival that serves as a platform for both Nigerian and international artists to connect and entertain music lovers yearly. Hosting concerts in Lagos, Nigeria for the past 19 years, Flytime Promotions continues to evolve, pushing culture and Afrobeats to a global stage. With the next edition coming up on 21st-25th December 2023 at Eko Convention Center, our annual call for opening acts is now open. It’s a great opportunity to be an opening act in Flytime Fest. However, certain requirements are needed to stand out from the wide talent pool in Nigeria. Here are some tips to increase your chances of being selected:

Perfect Your Craft

Firstly, focus on honing your talent. Ensure that your music or performance is of high quality and that you have a unique and compelling style that stands out.

Build a Strong Portfolio

Create a professional EPK (Electronic Press Kit) that includes high-quality recordings of your music, professional photos, and videos of your performances. Ensure that you maintain your online presence (social media, website) effectively showcasing your work.

Network and Connect with other artists

Attend industry events, music conferences, and local gigs to network with other artists, producers, and music industry professionals. Building relationships in the industry can open doors to opportunities like performing at Flytime Fest. Collaborate with other artists and musicians to expand your reach and gain exposure. Working with established artists can also open doors to bigger opportunities.


Research the Festival

Gain an understanding of Flytime Fest’s audience, style, and the typical acts that they usually book. Tailor your application and performance to align with the expectations and preferences. 

Promote Yourself

Utilize social media and other promotional channels to build a fan base. Engage with your audience. Use platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram to share your music and connect with potential fans.

Submit Your Best Work

We are currently taking submissions for Flytime Fest 2023. We are searching for fresh and exciting talent to take center stage. Share your best work to Clearly communicate what makes you unique as an artist. You can achieve this by actively highlighting any distinctive features in your music, performance style, or story that sets you apart.

Practice and Prepare

If you’re selected, be ready to put on a polished and professional performance. Rehearse, fine-tune your set, and make sure you can deliver a memorable live show. This is an opportunity to promote your brand so give it your best shot and maximize the opportunity.

Submission deadline is on November 10th so it’s best to hurry. Remember, breaking into the music industry and securing opportunities like opening acts takes time and persistence. Don’t let rejection discourage you. It may take multiple attempts to get noticed because the music industry is quite tough. If you keep refining your skills, creating new music and trying for opportunities then you’ll increase your chances of being chosen for Flytime Fest.


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