Flytime Promotions: Discover the Finest African Entertainment Experiences

As we delve into the vibrant world of African entertainment, one name stands tall – Flytime Promotions. A leading promoter and concert franchise in West Africa, Flytime has been a trailblazer in Nigeria’s music and entertainment industry. With its foundation deeply rooted in celebrating African talent, Flytime continues to create unforgettable experiences for music lovers across the continent and beyond.


The African entertainment scene has seen a remarkable blossom over the past decades. From music to art and fashion, the African narrative is making waves globally. At the forefront of this cultural revolution is Flytime Promotions. This blog post will take you on a journey through Flytime’s evolution, its major contributions to African entertainment, and how it is connecting Africa to the world.

About Flytime Promotions

Flytime Promotions is the brainchild of Cecil Hammond, who organised the first concert in 2004. Since then, Flytime has grown to become one of West Africa’s leading promotions and concert franchises, renowned for hosting some of the biggest indoor music festivals on the continent. The organisation is dedicated to showcasing the richness of African music, providing a platform for both emerging and established talents to express themselves on a grand stage.

The Journey of Flytime Promotions Since 2004

The journey of Flytime Promotions has been an inspiring tale of steady growth and innovation. From its beginnings with a sold-out concert in 2004, Flytime has consistently raised the bar, year after year. It has continually reinvented the music and entertainment industry in Nigeria and across Africa, creating anticipation and excitement with each event.

The Finest African Entertainment Experiences

African entertainment, particularly music, is gaining worldwide recognition, and Flytime Promotions is at the heart of this new wave. They curate concerts that are not just about entertainment but also about showcasing the diversity and richness of the African culture.

Overview of African Entertainment Curated by Flytime

Flytime Music Festival, the flagship event of Flytime Promotions, has been a defining platform for African music since its inception. It is the biggest indoor music festival in Africa, attracting global stars as well as local artists. The likes of Boyz II Men, Megan Thee Stallion, Bobby Brown, Mase, Wizkid, Burnaboy, Koffee, Davido, and Tiwa Savage have all graced the Flytime stage, captivating audiences with memorable performances.

Significance of African Entertainment in the Global Scenario

The influence of African entertainment on the global scene cannot be overstated. African music, dance, fashion, and art have permeated global culture, influencing trends and shaping narratives. Flytime Promotions has played a significant role in this cultural exchange, promoting African talents on a global scale and fostering international collaborations. It is a testament to Flytime’s vision of “From Africa To The World”, echoing the ambition of African creatives to make their mark on the international scene.

Largest Concert Rosters in Nigeria

Flytime Promotions has been instrumental in curating some of the largest concert rosters in Nigeria. Its events are known for their diverse lineups, featuring a mix of international stars and local talents.

Understanding the Scale and Impact of Flytime Concerts

The scale and impact of Flytime concerts are unmatched in Africa. These concerts are more than just music festivals; they are cultural movements and destinations in Africa. They celebrate music as a connecting force, highlighting our collective identity and struggles as a global race.

Notable African Artists Featured by Flytime

Flytime Promotions has provided a platform for many notable African artists to showcase their talents. Wizkid, Burnaboy, Davido, and Tiwa Savage are just a few of the African superstars that have graced the Flytime stage. These artists have made significant contributions to the African music scene, elevating the status of African music on the global stage.

Inside Flytime Fest

Flytime Fest is the ultimate music festival experience in Nigeria. It is an annual multi-day event dedicated to creating an immersive experience for festival lovers and a hub for artists to express themselves.

What is Flytime Fest?

Flytime Fest is a testament to Flytime Promotion’s commitment to delivering top-notch entertainment experiences. The festival features live performances from a broad array of musical talents from various genres, both from Africa and abroad. For the past 17 years, this sold-out festival has continually disrupted and significantly impacted the music and entertainment industry in Nigeria and across Africa.

Highlights and Key Attractions of Flytime Fest

One of the key attractions of Flytime Fest is the diversity of its lineup. The festival brings together global stars and homegrown talents, offering audiences a unique blend of musical styles and genres. In addition, the festival is known for its electrifying atmosphere, with fans often anticipating the surprises that come with every edition.

Flagship Concert: Rhythm Unplugged

Rhythm Unplugged is another flagship concert from Flytime Promotions that has left an indelible mark on the African entertainment scene.

The Concept Behind Rhythm Unplugged

Rhythm Unplugged is a celebration of music and art. It provides a platform for artists to express themselves freely, encouraging creative exploration and innovation. The concert series has gained a reputation for delivering high-quality entertainment experiences, always leaving the audience wanting more.

Memorable Performances at Rhythm Unplugged

Over the years, Rhythm Unplugged has hosted some of the most memorable performances in African entertainment. From energetic sets by top Nigerian acts like Wizkid and Davido to breathtaking performances by international stars like Bobby Brown and Boyz II Men, Rhythm Unplugged has consistently delivered unforgettable concert experiences.

Bridging Art and Entertainment from Nigeria to the World

Flytime Promotions is not just an entertainment company; it is a cultural ambassador, bridging the gap between Nigeria and the world through art and entertainment.

How Flytime has Fostered Cultural Exchange through Entertainment

Flytime has played a significant role in promoting cultural exchange through its various events and initiatives. By bringing international artists to perform in Nigeria, Flytime exposes local audiences to different musical styles andcultures. Likewise, by showcasing African talents to a global audience, Flytime is placing African music and culture on the global map.

The Global Reach and Influence of Flytime’s Concerts

Flytime’s concerts have a global reach and influence that extends beyond the shores of Africa. These concerts have attracted attendees from all over the world, creating a truly international audience. The influence of these concerts can be seen in the growing global appreciation for African entertainment and the increasing demand for African music on global platforms.


The journey of Flytime Promotions is a testament to the power of vision, passion, and resilience. Despite numerous challenges, Flytime has stayed true to its mission of promoting African entertainment and providing unforgettable experiences for music lovers.

The Ongoing Journey of Flytime Promotions

Flytime Promotions continues to forge ahead, always seeking new ways to elevate African entertainment. With plans already underway for another electrifying Flytime Music Festival, fans can look forward to more breathtaking performances and surprises. Follow @flytimefest on social media or sign up for the newsletter for exclusive updates on lineups, tickets, and more.


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