The Evolution of Concerts in Nigeria: The Local to Global Pipeline

In the early days, Nigerian concerts were often small, community-based events featuring local artists. These shows were an important part of Nigerian culture but lacked the advancement and scale we see today. Over the years, the concert scene in Nigeria has evolved, and Flytime Promotions stands as a pioneer in elevating the standards of live entertainment.

The Rise of Concerts

Concerts in Nigeria had modest beginnings featuring traditional music, folklore, and dance performances that celebrated the country’s diverse cultural heritage. The evolution of concerts in Nigeria took a significant turn with the rise of mega concerts in the early to mid-2000s. This period saw the emergence of large-scale events featuring both local and international artists. These concerts attracted larger audiences and brought international recognition to Nigerian musicians.

Flytime Promotions played a pivotal role in this transformation. Founded by Cecil Hammond, Flytime Promotions became a major player in the Nigerian entertainment industry by giving local artists a global platform. Flytime’s dedication to delivering world-class entertainment experiences led to the organization of larger, more elaborate concerts and events.

The Festival Culture

Concerts in Nigeria have evolved to include music festivals that celebrate various genres and cultural influences. Flytime Promotions introduced a diverse range of concerts, including the annual Rhythm Unplugged and Flytime Fest. These events have become staples in Nigeria’s entertainment calendar, attracting music lovers from across the country.

The Current State

Today, Nigerian concerts have evolved into grand, star-studded spectacles. International artists eagerly perform in Nigeria, and local talent gains global recognition. The influence of social media and digital marketing has extended the reach and impact of Nigerian live shows.

Needless to say, the evolution of concerts in Nigeria has been greatly influenced by technological advancements. The introduction of sound reinforcement systems, lighting, and stage design has enhanced the overall concert experience. Flytime Promotions set new benchmarks for concert production. Their attention to detail in staging, lighting, sound, and overall event management has significantly enhanced the concert experience for attendees.

The Future of CONCERTS in Nigeria

The future of live music in Nigeria is exciting and promising. We can expect:

1)  Stunning visuals, immersive sound, and interactive elements that enhance the audience’s engagement. 

2) A wider variety of live music experiences showcasing Afrobeat and its many sub genres.

3) A more inclusive and accessible experience  ensuring that live music reaches every corner of the country. 

In conclusion, the evolution of concerts in Nigeria has been a remarkable journey, with Flytime Promotions at the forefront of this transformation. Experience an elevated experience by securing your tickets for Flytime Fest 2023. It’s happening at Eko Convention Center from the 21st to the 25th December 2023. Hurry to secure your tickets as they are limited and selling fast. Get tickets at


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