Burna Boy’s Epic Lagos Concert: Highlights and Reactions

Get ready to immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere and unforgettable moments from the Burna Boy concert held at the Flytime Fest (formerly known as Flytime Music Festival) in 2019. From the anticipation and build-up; to the ground-breaking performances, this blog post will take you on a thrilling journey through one of the most iconic concerts held in Lagos.


Who is Burna Boy?

Burna Boy, whose real name is Damini Ogulu, has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the international music scene. With his unique fusion of Afrobeat and dancehall, he has captured the hearts of fans globally, earning him a Grammy nomination and the title “African Giant”. According to the words of Cole Management Services, Burna Boy reigns supreme as the highest-charging Nigerian artist, commanding a staggering 1 million dollars or more per show.

What was FLYTIME FEST 2019?

Flytime Fest 2019 was an epic five-day music extravaganza hosted by Flytime Promotions, celebrating 15 years of remarkable concerts. The festival happened at Eko Convention Center from December 20th to 25th, showcasing music industry players and legends. Some notable names graced this unparalleled celebration: Meghan Thee Stallion, Davido, Wizkid, Mase, Koffee, Tiwa Savage, and Boyz II Men. One of the festival’s main highlights was the grand finale – the Christmas Day concert headlined by Burna Boy himself.

The Build-Up to the Concert

Anticipation and Promotions

The announcement of Burna Boy’s concert for the Day 5 celebration created a surge of excitement among fans and concertgoers. Flytime Promotions strategically kept the identity of the Day 5 act under wraps for months, building curiosity and anticipation. When it was finally revealed that the African Giant would be the main act, the news spread like wildfire, setting the stage for what promised to be an unforgettable Christmas concert.

Fan Expectations

Fans’ expectations were soaring high as they looked forward to witnessing Burna Boy’s performance. His reputation for delivering energetic and captivating performances, coupled with his status as one of the top Nigerian artists, had fans eagerly waiting to experience a Christmas concert like no other.

Inside Burna Boy’s Epic Lagos Concert

the Venue

The Eko Convention Center, known for hosting some of the biggest events in Nigeria, was the venue for the concert. With its vast space and state-of-the-art facilities, it was an ideal choice for accommodating over 5,000 fans that flocked to see Burna Boy perform.

Staging and Set Design

The staging and set design for the concert added to the overall exhilarating ambiance. With a combination of vibrant lighting effects and a powerful sound system, the stage was set for an immersive musical experience. The creative use of visuals on large screens also added depth to the performances, enhancing the connection between the performers and the audience.

Unforgettable Performances

Burna Boy’s performance was nothing short of electrifying. His energy and charisma on stage, combined with his compelling music, provided an immersive experience for the attendees. His performance was not only a demonstration of his musical prowess but also a testament to his ability to command and captivate a large audience.

Highlights of the Concert

Opening Acts

Prior to Burna Boy’s much-anticipated appearance, the crowd was treated to performances by a lineup of talented artists. These acts set the tone for the evening, warming up the audience and building the anticipation for the main event.

Burna Boy’s Entrance

The moment Burna Boy stepped on stage was a defining highlight of the concert. The cheering crowd, the dazzling lights, and the booming sound system all converged to create a spectacular entrance befitting the African Giant.

Guest Appearances and Collaborations

The concert further thrilled the audience with surprise guest appearance Wizkid. This unexpected moment added a layer of excitement to the concert, adding to the overall satisfaction of the fans.

Crowd Reactions and Interaction

Throughout the concert, the interaction between Burna Boy and his fans was palpable. From singing along to his hit songs to reacting to his energetic performance, the crowd was fully engaged, culminating in a shared experience of music and unity.

Fan Reactions

Audience Experience

The reactions from the audience were overwhelmingly positive. Fans lauded Burna Boy’s performance, praising his energy, stage presence, and musical talent. Many expressed that the concert was a memorable experience, worth every second of the anticipation and wait.

Social Media Buzz

The concert sparked a flurry of activity on social media platforms. Fans took to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share their experiences, post pictures and videos, and express their admiration for Burna Boy. The hashtag #BurnaBoyLive trended for hours, highlighting the massive impact of the concert.

Celebrity Reactions

Celebrities were not left out of the conversation either. Many took to their social media platforms to commend Burna Boy on a fantastic performance, contributing to the widespread acclaim the concert received.

Review and Analysis

Musical Performance Review

Burna Boy’s performance was a blend of musical excellence and masterful crowd engagement. His ability to seamlessly transition between songs while maintaining the energy and vibe was commendable. His song selection, which included a mix of his hit tracks and fan favorites, ensured that the audience was entertained throughout the concert.

Technical Aspects Review

The technical aspects of the concert, including sound quality, lighting, and stage design, were well-executed. The sound was clear and loud enough to reach the entire audience, the lighting complemented the mood of each song, and the stage design made for an engaging visual experience. These factors contributed to the overall success of the concert.

Overall Concert Experience

The overall concert experience was extraordinary. From the build-up to the actual performances, everything was meticulously planned and executed. The concert not only delivered on its promise of an unforgettable Christmas concert but also reaffirmed Burna Boy’s position as one of the leading figures in Africa’s music scene.


The Impact of Burna Boy’s Concert

The impact of Burna Boy’s concert went beyond just entertainment. Itwas a celebration of African music, a showcase of Nigeria’s musical talent to the world, and an affirmation of Burna Boy’s status as a global icon. The concert also added to the success story of Flytime Promotions, marking their 15th year of hosting remarkable concerts with a grand finale.

Final Thoughts on the Concert

In conclusion, Burna Boy’s performance at the Flytime Fest 2019 was a resounding success. It was a night of unforgettable performances, electrifying energy, and shared experiences. It was a testament to Burna Boy’s talent and his connection with his fans. The concert created lasting memories for all who attended, making it a fitting end to the five-day music festival.

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