On The Rise: Emerging Female Artists In Nigeria

Rhythm Unplugged is more than a stage – it’s a launchpad for both seasoned stars and rising talents. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on a group of trailblazing female artists who are making waves and redefining the rules of the music industry. With each note, they’re not just creating music, but reshaping culture itself.


Somadina, a versatile singer-songwriter who transcends genre boundaries, is crafting music that truly resonates with her own journey. The 23-year-old launched her music career in 2018 with her debut single called ‘IHY’. Ever since, she has found her sound that seems to capture all her direct and indirect influences. ‘Heart of the Heavenly Undeniable’ is a soulful, confident Somadina fusing different genres in a skillful way that portrays mastery in her craft.


Winifred Ohili Adanu, also known as ‘Winny’ in her professional career, is a versatile artist originating from Benue State, Nigeria. She is a gifted Idoma singer whose musical style encompasses a fusion of Reggae, R&B/Soul, and Afro music. What sets her apart is her unique vocal tone and delivery, which lend a distinctive quality to her music. Winny’s primary goal in her music is to convey messages of love, empathy, self-awareness, and a sense of belonging. She released her debut EP called WINNY on April 7th, 2023. It’s a 7-track R&B project with Dancehall undertones. This is expected as she draws inspiration from artists like Chronixx, Wizkid, and Kranium.

Bloody Civilian

You might know her for her TikTok sensational song, I Don’t Like You or her popular single How To Kill a Man. Whatever the case, Emoseh Khamofu, who is popularly known as ‘Bloody Civilian’ is a talent that is here to stay. Signed to Def Jam records, Bloody Civillian has already made feats with the release of her EP called ‘Anger Management’. It is a collection of the singer and producer’s morphing sonic landscape as well as her reflections on her own identity, her country, and the changing world around her. Marking another success, she teams up with Rema on ‘Wake Up’, a song on the Black Panther 2022 movie soundtrack.

Lifesize Teddy

Taking a bold emergence as a female rapper in the music scene, Lifesize Teddy is a hot artiste on the rise. Born as Treasure Apiafi Banigo, the new Mavin Records signee is a rapper, creative and songwriter with a diverse range of talents. Lifesize Teddy’s artistry is characterised by its eclecticism, multi-dimensionality, and an unpredictable nature. Her debut EP, simply named after her, is an expressive and upbeat 5-track project that has a feel-good effect on listeners. We are definitely going to see more from her soon. 

Ria Sean

With her breakout single, Lemonade, Ria Sean is a talented genre-bender. With her alluring vocals, she delivers songs with elements of Afropop, R&B, and Lo-Fi. Her music possesses an enchanting quality that resonates deeply with the soul, offering an uplifting and invigorating listening experience. With her 2022 released EP, Love Station, she draws you into a world of passionate love and sensuality. She even features Ayra Starr on Why, a track that could make for a great jealousy anthem.


As an independent artist determined to deliver a very authentic sound, Brazy is defining a new path as a female artist. Her genre-fluid sound has earned her features with the likes of Santi, Ideal and LEN as well as performances at Boiler Room and RECESSLAND. She has also made rounds on TikTok with songs like ‘Siren’ and ‘Gingerbread’, trap-heavy summer anthems. There is also the fact that she is prominent in the fashion scene as well, rendering her as a multifaceted creative. She has dubbed her style of music as Afro-Future and Afro-Sexy, both of which are accurate.


Her freestyle vowing not to return to her ex boyfriend went viral on TikTok and since then, the rising star Raybekah is on to a great music career. Not only did she release the freestyle as a single titled ‘Ex Boyfriend’, she has gone on to release other catchy anthems. For example, there’s the sequel to her viral track aptly titled ‘Gone Back’ as well as a recent release titled ‘My Work. Her soulful voice coupled with her uncanny freestyle ability is one that sets her apart for greatness. 

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