The Many Faces of Flytime Fest

Flytime Fest is more than just a music and culture event; it’s a melting pot where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together, contributing to the festival’s rich tapestry of music, culture and social experiences. Let’s explore the different kinds of persona who you could find at Flytime Fest;

The Music Enthusiast

This persona is a devoted music enthusiast with a deep passion for the rich and diverse cultural tapestry that music brings. They’re constantly on the lookout for world-class music festivals that not only celebrate the artistry of musicians but also pay homage to the source of each unique sound. Flytime Fest offers them a music festival that promises to be a celebration of music and culture. Music enthusiasts get to watch established or emerging artists which is great for people who want to discover new music. It also gives this persona the chance to connect to other music enthusiasts and experience some of the biggest names in Africa, on and off the stage. 

The Social Butterfly


Social Butterflies are usually on the look out for exciting social adventure. For their persona, music festivals are a great opportunity for them to create fun and lasting memories. The performances might be the main attraction of this persona but what really draws them in is the overall atmosphere of the festival. Flytime Fest provides this ambience for the social butterflies. It gives them a chance to connect with like-minded people and share in the festival spirit. 

The Cultural Explorer


For those who love discovering new cultures, travelling in search of unique multifaceted experiences, this persona fits the description. They are enthusiastic about the diversity that different cultures bring through different mediums which include food, fashion, music, etc. They value authenticity of experiences and want to immerse themselves in the history and tradition a new place brings. Flytime Fest offers this through music and entertainment. Through the celebration and promotion of African culture, Flytime fest serves as the ideal place for cultural explorers to discover new cultural experiences while meeting other explorers. 

If you’d like to meet and connect with people with similar interests , come for Flytime Fest happening on the 21st-25th December 2023 at Eko Convention centre, Lagos, Nigeria. Hurry to secure your Table and Stage seat tickets as they are limited and selling fast. To receive exclusive access to tickets, lineup releases, and festival updates, subscribe to the Flytime Fest newsletter via the website. Ticket sales are exclusively offered via Flytime’s Official Website. For premium ticket bookings, please contact: 08180222111 or 


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